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About us

About Us

Proudly and passionately operated and managed by a hands-on owner living in the Mother City or as it’s more referred to as in the Tech space... Silicon Cape (The sister to the well-known - Silicon Valley, California, USA).

Her passion for technology and her ever strengthening drive to bring more affordable gadgets and just plain awesome stuff to the South African consumer are what truly what resonate throughout the young start up.

From service to support a great customer experience!

*Excerpt from a written reference by a strong client and great supplier to TechCollective© Honestly Digital©


As the Joneses and their rapidly growing friends continue to spend large amounts of money of tech gadgets and accessories for their hip and happening devices, TechCollective© offers the consumer an incredibly cost effective wide range of electronic, cellular, laptop, pc, audio and just plain awesome gadgets

Completely compatible with Apple©; Samsung© and other leading international brands. Offering cheaper alternatives to
your “can’t live without digital ghost appendages” across iOS and Android devices.

"At TechCollective they seem to realize time is money, and also there are a lot of us “Early Adopters” out there – they really do to the best of their abilities put a “rush on it”.

Our ranges of both iOS and Android compatible products are constantly growing, as we find it, we bring it to you.

About Our Products;

All of our products are fully compatible with the iOS and Andriod devices – browsing you’ll notice we’ve separated the Apples from the Droids making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, even if all you know is it has an apple on it.