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Adjustable Multi Angle Stand Holder for iPads, Tablets and Phones

  • R 39900

Tired of having to hold your mobile phone, iPad or tablet while having that important video call while you work at home, or while watching your favourite series or movies? The 100% Adjustable Multi-Angle Stand Holder for iPads, Tablets, and Phones provides the perfect solution. Seamlessly adjust the stand to fit your device, sit back and give your arms a much needed break.


Fully adjustable height from 27-37cm allows you to place your device at the height that suits you best. Usable in various settings, be it the couch, your bed, the table or any other setting. Sit back and relax while you work from home or consume content.

Angle is completely adjustable and can be set anywhere between -40 Degrees to 280 Degrees allowing you to find your best angle and run with it. Take your stand with you wherever you go and rest assured that you can adjust it to perfection no matter the setting.

Lightweight and foldable for easy transportation making it seamless to convert any setting into the perfect work or chill spot. Simply fold it up, pack it back into its box or into your bag and be on your way.

Adjustable arms allow you to securely fit any phone, iPad, or tablet with a width of less than 26cm. Rest easy knowing your device is securely held and feel free to move your
setup when your phone is tightly secured. The arms are firm and do not slide.

Easy to access charging port gaps, allowing you to charge your iPad, tablet or phone while simultaneously making use of the stand.

Important note: Please loosen the handle before folding to prevent any lasting damage.


  • Compatible with all smartphones, e-readers, tablets with a width of LESS than 26cm
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Adjustable Height: 27-37cm
  • Adjustable Angle: -40~280 degrees
  • Folded Size: 9.7x7x40.3cm
  • Material: aluminium alloy & plastic