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Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Nintendo Switch | PS4 | PC

Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Nintendo Switch | PS4 | PC

  • R 34900

Instructions for use:

Power on the PS4 and plug the Bluetooth adapter into one of the USB ports on the PS4
For this use, the adapter is plugged into the PS4 USB port, and the blue light flashes slowly. Press and hold the button for about 2 seconds. The blue light flashes quickly and enters the pairing state. At this time, turn on the Bluetooth headset and enter the pairing state. Wait for the USB adapter and Bluetooth The headset connection is completed. When the connection is successful, the blue light of the USB adapter turns on, indicating that Bluetooth is connected.
Plug the microphone into the headphone jack of the PS4 handle
Enter PS4 settings interface
Select to enter the "peripheral equipment" menu
Select a sound device
Set "Input Device" to "USB Audio Device"
Set "Output Device" to "USB Audio Device"
Adjust the microphone volume and test the microphone volume at the same time. Press "OK" to finish the setting.
Adjust the headphone volume to a suitable size
Set output to headphones for all sounds

Now you can use the Bluetooth headset to listen to the sound in the PS4 game and enjoy the unrestricted gaming fun

What's in the box
1 x Bluetooth Transmitter
1 x Bluetooth Receiver

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